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This work is not driven by the strive for the academic goals tenure, prizes and grants. For a well situated physician and scientist, all these goals don't matter any more. The author's motivation is not so much altruistic but rather anthroposophical. He wants to help to make the world a better one, to prevent crises and wars in particular. The clashes between cultures, political systems, rulers or even tax problems are nothing else but ongoing evolutionary processes in social fauceirs. The fauceir theory can help to understand these processes, hopefully, find right decisions, and finally, reduce friction losses and collateral damage.

The author feels that, namely, his largely independent position enables him to develop a theory so intimately connected to current social problems. The history is full of examples that groundbreaking theories required liberty and independence to emerge. If you were interested to read one, you could refer to the biography of Albert Einstein so frequently published in this year of his anniversary. A fact that is reflected by the fauceir theory itself and theorem of evolution. The author, however, is not entirely independent. As much as every human being he needs food and accommodation and the web site has to be paid for as well.

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