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general overview

This is the official authorized homepage of the fauceir theory. The theory consists of an axiom defining scope and logical fundament of the theory and three main theorems. more »

The aim of the theory is to provide tools and measures to mathamatically describe processes of progress and evolution in nature. By providing scale and measure the theory allows to evaluate ongoing processes and forcast its behavior in the future. Moreover, the theory allows to actively influence these processes with the goal of most efficient outcome.

Consequently, this theory provides many corrections to prevailing theories including the Darwinian theory of evolution. Forthermore to become more precise, the theory needs to redefine several common terms used with multiple meanings, such as the very term evolution. more »

This theory is placed at the crossroad of philosophy and system theory. By adding to both sciences, it provides a bridge between soft and hard sciences. A bridge that was anticipated long ago yet implemented as a ferry line only. Moreover, the theory can improve the communication between biologists and mathematics. In other words, the theory touches almost every kind of science. But it is not that it can replace all these branches of science by giving an absolute answers. Indeed, its understanding can help to pose the right hypotheses and questions to get deeper into the matter.

YouTube Fauceir Theory presentation.
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